The Sathya Sai EHV Programme is based on the five core human values:

These five values are inter-related and inherent in human beings, raising them above the level of the animal kingdom.

The Programme's logo is the tree of life bearing five fruits, each used to represent a value. These symbols are particularly effective when used with young children who find them easy to remember:

A pair of cherries is used to symbolise Right Conduct, because they look like a pair of arms and legs.

A Pear is used to symbolise Peace, because the spelling is similar.

An apple is used to symbolise Truth, because it was related to truth in the Adam and Eve story.

A strawberry is used to symbolise Love, because it is a fruit shaped like a heart and has sweetness.

A bunch of grapes is used to symbolise Non-violence, as the four values of Right Conduct, Peace, Truth and Love, collectively, when put into practice, will culminate in Non-violence, so this bunch of fruit is used to symbolise unity.

The values are specific because they are in line with a human being’s make up. They are also heavily interrelated (e.g. right conduct is action with love, and according to conscience) and give rise to many related values under each main heading. The Values are taught through five teaching components:
The Teaching Components:
  • Theme for the Week
  • Silent Sitting
  • Story Telling
  • Group Singing

Group Activities
When young people are given the opportunity to consider and practice these values and see the qualities within themselves, a fully integrated personality and character will develop.

Before explaining these teaching components, each value is explained briefly below:

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