What is the relationship between the game of cricket and Dharma? -SAI INSPIRES

How will it help in our spiritual journey? Swami lovingly gives us a tip to take one step forward towards Him today.

The game of life is worth playing and becomes an interesting tonic, only when there are bounds for field, and rules and restrictions for the players. Imagine a game of football or cricket where there are no rules or boundaries or umpires. The game will be chaotic, it will soon degenerate into a riot, a free fight. Dharma (Right conduct) is what makes the game of life interesting, decent and desirable.
- Divine Discourse, July 23, 1975
Life is a Game, Play It. Baba
What can we learn from the game of football to lead our lives blissfully? Swami teaches us sweet little tricks that will make our days joyful.

Life is a game of football. You are the ball and you are bound to be thrown and kicked about. How long have you to bear this treatment? Until the air is full in the ball. Deflate it, and no one will kick it again! The air that inflates is the ego. When the ego is out, Bliss comes in. Remove the ego in you and make yourself useful to your parents and society. Do not belittle others or your parents as illiterate or ignorant. They are far more knowledgeable than you are. Never cause tears to fill the eyes of your parents. Love them, revere them and serve them. Be humble and loving, and in the company of good and Godly. Remember the Name of God indicating His Glory, His Mercy, His Love... All egoistic feelings will flee away from you.
- Bhagwan Shri Sathya Saibaba,Divine Discourse, July 10, 1980.

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