Science should be linked to spirituality-Bhagwan Sri Sathya Saibaba

There is an internal relationship between Nature and Divinity. The ocean, the moon and man re interrelated. The ocean swells on Full Moon day. What is the connection between the ocean and the moon? The mind and the moon are inter-related. Without our being conscious of it, our inds are affected during Full Moon days. Mental afflictions are aggravated during those days. The Scientist should develop an integral approach towards Nature, Man and Spirit. Only then an he realise the underlying divinity that unites the man and the cosmos.

Men today act upon what is stated in an almanac. But when the Vedas declare "Thath Thwam Asi" ("That Thou Art") they are not prepared to believe in it. Men who are prepared to believe in some tale in a newspaper or a novel, will not believe in the Vedic pronouncement of their inherent dignity.

Many scientific inventions are extremely useful to man. But if they are not properly used they can cause great harm.

For instance, television can be valuable means of educating and entertaining people. But how is it berg used today? As soon as a boy returns from school, he throws away his books and starts looking at the TV. His mother serves him food near the TV set. Both mother and son keep watching TV without regard to their other duties. Several hours of precious time is wasted in watching TV. The fault lies not with the television, but with the excessive and wrongful use of the instrument. It is like a knife which can be used for slicing vegetables or stabbing a person. It is only when science is linked to spirituality that the results of science can be fully harnessed for the good and elevation of mankind.

-Bhagwan Sri Sathya Saibaba
Discourse in Bombay on 26-1 - 1985.

People who have a wavering mind cannot be true yogis, even
though they may pass off as good devotees in external

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