Quotations On Peace

“The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step. So we must never neglect any work of peace within our reach, however small "
-Adlai E. Stevenson
“I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it.”
-Dwight David Eisenhower

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way.”
-A. J. Muste
“We cannot have peace if we are only concerned with peace. War is not an accident. It is the logical outcome of a certain way of life. If we want to attack war, we have to attack that way of life.”
-A. J. Muste

“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.”
-Abraham Maslow

“There never was a good war or a bad peace.”
-Benjamin Franklin

“I simply can't build my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery and death ... I think. peace and tranquillity will return again.”
- Anne Frank

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