Prayers composed by Swami Vivekananda

"Thou art He that beareth the burdens of the universe; help me to bear the little burden of this life." 

Extract from a prayer Swami Vivekananda delivered at the Chicago World's Parliament of Religions September 1893.

"At the head of all these laws, in and through every particle of matter and force, stands One through whose command the wind blows, the fire burns, the clouds rain, and death stalks upon the earth. And what is His nature? He is everywhere the pure and formless One, the Almighty and the All Merciful. Thou art our Father. Thou art our beloved Friend."

Extract from a prayer Swami Vivekananda delivered at the Chicago World's Parliament of Religions September 1893.


"And so to Thou—Ramakrishna… I betake myself. For in Thy Feet alone is the refuge of man." ...
a prayer Vivekananda uttered in Nivedita's presence...

At Ridgely Manor in November, 1899, Sister Nivedita heard Swami Vivekananda say these two prayers.
She was to write of them to Josephine MacLeod.
That Mother who is manifest in all beings—Her we salute.
She whom the world declares to be the great Maya. Her we salute.
Thou Giver of all Blessings, Thou the Giver of Strength,
Thou the Giver of Desires, Thou the Merciful One,
To Thee our salutation, Thee we salute Thee we salute,.
Thou terrible black night—Thou the night of Delusion,
Thou the night of Death.
To Thee our salutation—Thee we salute, Thee we salute.

The breeze is making for righteousness. The seas are showering blessings on us— Our Father in Heaven is blissful, The trees in the forest are blissful, so are the cattle. The very dust of the earth is luminous with bliss-It is all bliss,—all bliss—all bliss.

Pray, "Take us by the hand as a father takes his sons and leave us not."
Pray, "I do not want wealth or beauty, this world or another, but Thee, O God! Lord! I have become weary. Oh, take me by the hand, Lord, I take shelter with Thee. Make me Thy servant. Be Thou my refuge."
Pray, "Thou our Father, our Mother, our dearest Friend! Thou who bearest this universe, help us to bear the little burden of this our life. Leave us not. Let us never be separated from Thee. Let us always dwell in Thee."

Thou art Our Father, our Mother, our dear Friend. Thou bearest the burden of the world. Help us to bear the burden of our lives. Thou art our Friend, our Lover, our Husband, Thou art ourselves!
(Notes from a lecture On Jnana Yoga) 

Constantly tell yourself, 'I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the thought, I am not even consciousness; I am the Atman.’ When you can throw away all, only true Self will remain."
Blessed be Thy name, O Lord! And Thy will be done. Lord, we know that we are to submit; Lord, we know that it is the Mother's hand that is striking, and "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." There is. Father of Love, an agony at the heart which is fighting against that calm resignation which Thou teaches". Give us strength, O Thou who sawest Thy whole family destroyed before Thine eyes, with Thine hands crossed on Thy breast. Come, Lord, Thou Great Teacher, who has taught us that the soldier is only to obey and speak not. Come, Lord, come Arjuna's Charioteer, and teach me as Thou once taughtest him, that resignation in Thyself is the highest end and aim of this life, so that with those great ones of old, I may also firmly and resignedly cry, Om Shri Krishnârpanamastu.
(Written Bombay May, 23, 1893 for D. R. Balaji Rao)

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