The Chanting Of Mantra Puspam

Mantra Pushpam - Vedic Hymns in sanskrit

Mantrapushhpa is a collection of select verses from major scriptures, generally the first or the first few verses. In shrii-vaishhNava saampradaaya, mantrapushhpa is usually recited during the archana portion of ijyaaraadhana, when tulasi archana is performed.Mantrapushhpa may also be recited independently, and one can perform maanasika archana.

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There are minor variations in the composition of mantrapushhpa even  within the shrii-vaishhNava saampradaaya. The following is one typical version.
Mantra puspam contains the description of Virat purusa. The prajapati exolled him as one who blesses the persons praying him.

Mantra puspam is impregnated with the sum total of Gayatri Hrdayam and Gayatri upanishat. The chanting of Mantra puspam amounts to reciting Gayatri Hrdayam and upanishat.

Mantra puspam is a Vedic extract. It is recited at the end of daily worship in all Hindu temples. It also contains text from Arunam and Maha souram. The Creation of the universe is an utterance of Lord Narayana. Who appeared in the Stages of Creation, sustenance and dissolution. Creation has come up of the Supra Cosmic Lord and it is not his function.

It is said that the Seven Centres, Muladhara cakra at the tip of the Sacral region at the back, the Svadhistana located, opposite to spleen along the Spinal cord and the third Manipura Cakra at the navel region and the fourth Anahata at the heart Centre and the fifth Visuddha at the throat region and the sixth Ajna Cakra between the eyebrows, the seventh Sahasrara at the head centre got their Vibrations from the Seven planets and there is turn from the Saptarsimandala.

These mystic sounds of the mantra when properly meditated unlock the Seven Cosmic Centres (Nodes) and establish direct link with Narayana.

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