Bhagwan Sri Sathya Saibaba Says:Naamasmarana is the best way to purify the heart

"Today the atmosphere is filled with the discordant and disturbing noises of various kinds. These radio waves get into the minds of people and pollute their thoughts. Hence, if we wish to listen to pure sounds, the atmosphere must be free from pollution. The pollution cycle starts from smoke and clouds and ends in the food we eat. Hence the state of our minds depends on the kind of food we constant. The nature of the food depends on the environment. The environment is determined by human actions. Today men's actions are not along right lines.
Most devotees are like the fruits of the fig tree' attractive to look at from the outside, but infested with worms inside. Devotees should strive to purify their hearts. For this purpose they have to chant the Lord's name.

The effect of Naama-smarana has to be properly trader-stood. Chanting the Lord's name purifies the environment. The first step is to purify one's own heart. Transform yourself before you set our to transform others. The role of bhajans in purifying the atmosphere should be recognised. In this context, the role of community singing should be understood. Singing bhajans in your home,you may indulge in your fancies and derive whatever joy you get therefrom. Sankeerthan (community singing) calls for whole-hearted, soul-ful singing, which moves the hearts of the listeners. Bhajans should not be a routine ritual. You must put your heart and soul into the singing.

In reciting the names of the Lord you have to bear in mind another her. When you recite the names thousands of devotees are listening. You must chant names which are familiar to all of them. You should not expect people to follow whatever you sing. You should see that they can easily respond to your song. The names you chant should be short and sweet. If you use big words and complicated terms, the devotees will not be able to follow you. In that situation they may get depressed. What can they do when they do not hear you properly and cannot respond in chorus? They get disgusted.
Simplify the bhajans

Therefore, in your bhajans use short names like Raama, Krishna, Allah, Yesu and so on. Then all would be able to follow you with ease. If you use high-sounding words, few can follow you. Eschew any aversion to any faith or nation. Have no ill-will towards anyone. Do not cause hurt to anyone. Look upon all alike. This feeling of oneness should spread all over the world. Krishna declared: "The entire cosmos is sustained by a fragment of my potency" This means that the Divine permeates the entire cosmos. What, then, is our duty? To fill our hearts with love. Then the whole universe will be filled with love. There is no use in singing bhajans if the singers hearts are filled with jealousy and hatred. There is no greater spiritual recipe for people in the Kali Age than the chanting of Hari's naama. Foolish people speak derisively about the bhajans conducted in the presence of Svaami. They have no idea of the joy derived by the devotees from the singing of the Lord's name. "

" Will the bees which are fond of honey
in the lotus go after any other flowers?
By constant eating even the bitter leaves of
the neem tree acquire a sweetness of their own.
By spiritual saadhana all objectives are achieved. "
(Thelugu poem).

-Bhagwan Sri Sathya Saibaba
Discourse in Sundharam, Madras, on 11-4-1997.

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