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Sathya Sai Baba Health condition remains critical:Time 10.30 pm Monday

Bhagwan Satya Saibaba’s condition turned critical in the night of Monday and his vital organs showed no sufficient response for the medical supports.

The bulletin issued at 10.30 P.M on Monday night revealed that Baba’s vital organs becoming gradually worse.

Baba who was already in the external supports by machines for normal functioning of kidneys, lungs and heart showed deterioration.

A team of doctors are attending to him to save his life at their best.

Baba was admitted to Superspeciality hospital on March 28 following the congestion he had on his chest. The initial treatment showed improvement, but, now, it does not help him for normal functioning of vital organs.

The government of Andhra Pradesh also had sent a team of specialist doctors to help the doctors of the hospital.

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However, the hospital authorities told that Baba is responding to external stimuli and his eyes are blinking when he is called by his name.

Thousands of his followers are gathering before the hospital to know about his health condition. Sufficient police have been deployed to control the gatherings.

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